TSV006: Stand Up and Fight Cronyism


In this episode, I discuss the toxic duo of ObamaCore and ObamaCare, Ted Cruz fighting Amnesty and if cops should be able to search your cell phone without a warrant.

Caution: Government Waste Ahead

Power Quote of the Week:

Robert Nisbet as he reflected on what the Framers would think after they saw the size and scope of the current government.

ObamaCore (Common Core) and Obamacare

Ted Cruz is Fighting Amnesty

Can Cops Search Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant?

  • http://freedomworks.org/content/supreme-court-decide-if-police-can-search-through-your-cell-phone-without-warrant
  • That’s the question that the Supreme Court is set to make a decision on
  • One side of the argument says the cell phone is no different than say your wallet/purse
  • The other side says it’s too intrusive
  • “A cell phone has the same contents that the home did in the founding era, it has digital equivalents of papers, letters, drawings, private financial documents, private medical documents,” said Jim Harper, an attorney with the libertarian Cato Institute.

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