CNN and NBC Must #DumptheDocs

Republicans Must Use This Chance to Expose Liberal Influence and Bias in the Media

Reince Priebus on March 18, 2013.

The liberal media is on notice: If you’re in the business of spending millions to promote Hillary Clinton, you will not take part in Republicans’ primary debates in the 2016 presidential election.

On Monday, I sent letters to NBC and CNN informing them that the RNC will not sanction any primary debates they sponsor if they do not cancel their plans to promote Hillary Clinton.

NBC is planning a miniseries, CNN a documentary. If they don’t cancel these poorly disguised political ads by August 14, they can plan on watching Republican debates on networks other than their own.

It’s bad enough that liberal reporters have deposed Republican candidates at debates in the past and tried to make news at the expense of our party; it’s even worse, appalling really, that their networks would go to such lengths to coronate Hillary Clinton. Their brazenness has gone to a new level.

Republicans across the country are speaking out. The networks’ actions are so outrageous that even some prominent liberals agree with the RNC. But we have to keep the pressure up if we’re going to expose the media for who and what they are. I encourage you to sign the RNC’s petition here.

I called out NBC and CNN because I refuse to let biased networks turn the 2016 debates into the same traveling circus they caused the 2012 debates to be. This is just one step toward creating a better, fairer debate system. But this is also an opportunity for us to begin to do something even bigger.

For years—decades really—Republicans have tried to expose the bias in the media to the public at large. We’ve had some successes, but most of the liberal media continue to claim they’re just neutral observers. Well, neutral observers don’t actively promote the Democrats’ leading candidate for president. So by keeping the spotlight on NBC and CNN, we can alert more Americans to the liberal influence at these—and other—networks, and we’ll begin to ensure better debates in the process.

via RedState

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