The Pelosi Health Bill Option

Health care reform takes new form today with the release of the Pelosi Option.

This 1990 page option convieniently falls below the $900 billion limit imposed by President Obama at a cost of $894 billion over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). However, the CBO indicates more analysis is needed and that the report was not final.

Certainly more time is needed with a bill staged at a whopping 1990 pages. Everyone needs more time to read and dissect this new proposal that is said to be praised by Obama. The Pelosi Option had no Republican input.

So, what can be expected in the Pelosi Option?

  • require everyone to sign up for insurance from their employer, a government program or a pool
  • an expansion of Medicaid
  • penalties for employers who don’t provide health care for employees
  • higher taxes

Is this the end of the list? No, but rather a simple start. Pleanty of time should be allowed in order to read this version, but Pelosi reportedly would like to have it voted on by Veteran’s Day.

If you have the time to read the Pelosi Option, please do. They have proven in the past that they are unwilling to take the time to. If something sticks out to you, and think it deserves more attention, feel free to contact me. Together we can dissect it and share what we find.

Click here to read the bill.

2 Responses to The Pelosi Health Bill Option

  1. There is an old country saying that describes what Obams’s Nancy and gang are trying to sell us: “A pig in a poke.”

    This idiom supposedly originated long ago when meat was a rare delicacy. Instead of buyers getting an unseen wiggling pig in an unopened bag… they were surprised to find a cat or rat after a purchase had been finalized.

    Words in a bill that have never been read by most concerned citizens, and the consequences to society upon passage is a “risk” that only lovers of folly would engage in without guilt. Those who are likely to suffer will not be politicians. They take better care of themselves than the “servants” who are paying their salaries.

  2. How true that is. My concern is that, while this bill is so large, there won’t be time for anyone to read it. I don’t know if “risk” is enough to explain it, and I agree with you that the politicians won’t suffer one bit, save it be their own jobs.

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