Rivalry to heat up between Romney and Perry

The massive wave of heat across the US isn’t the only thing getting hot. The rivalry between 2012 Republican hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rick Perry is beginning to heat up as well.

Romney already holds a small lead in the polls, but Gov. Perry is all but willing to close that gap and take the number one spot. And as Perry has yet to officially put his name in the hat, he already begins the mud-slinging.

The one thing that contenders continue to hammer Romney on, is his Massachusetts health care option dubbed as Romneycare. However flawed as it may be, it was voted on by the people. Romneycare was approved by the voters. It’s what they wanted, not so much what then Gov. Romney wanted. So, to his credit, he gave the people what they wanted.

Another chunk of mud is how Romney handled the volunteering for the Olympic Committee. There was a reported number of Boy Scouts that wished to volunteer, but were allegedly turned away. One report stated that it was due to them not being 18. However, it was not stated what the Olympic Committee’s stance was for the proper age of volunteers. But, it is mud season, and if it can be slung early on it will.

Still early yet, is what their stance is on the direction they would take for helping the economy. This is where Romney would theoretically shine. Being a proven business man before becoming an elected official is a definite strong suit. True that both Perry and Romney have executive governing experience, Romney’s place in the business sector places him a step ahead of Perry.

While there are many debates to come, one thing is certain. The Romney vs. Perry showdown should be an exciting one to say the least.

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