Iran Test-Fires Supersonic Anti-Warship Missile

Iran test-fires new missile
Iran has demonstrated its capability to hit a floating target with precision guided, short range ballistic missile of the Fatah 110 (M-600) class. Photo: FARS news agency

Iran successfully test-fired a new surface-to-sea supersonic anti-warship ballistic missile. What they are calling the “Persian Gulf” is claimed to be capable of hitting warships and targets within a 300-kilometre range and has a warhead with 650 kilogram of explosives.

SatNews report:

During an operational demonstration the missile was fired at a target vessel floating in the Persian Gulf, scoring a direct hit. Accordingly, the new missile was named ‘Persian Gulf (Khalij Fars). The missile apparently uses mid-course inertial guidance (INS) and an electro-optical homing seeker to achieve terminal attack precision. Previous versions of the Fateh 110 (also designated M-600 in Syrian use) used a tipped nose, while the current model has a rounded nose presumably housing the guidance kit. As the new version demonstrated in this test, the accuracy of the new missile is far better than the 0.3 percent of the range, attributed for the earlier model of Fateh 110 which relied only on inertial guidance. This type of solid-rocket propelled missile can carry a 450 kg warhead.

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