What’s Next For GOP?

Over at Townhall.com, Michael Barone pointed to the idea that the GOP doesn’t know what to do next. And, the answer is: They really don’t know.

In times past, the nation came to a head as to what direction it needed to go and again it seems to be at a crossroad. However, the GOP isn’t clear on what direction to take. With major issues on the table –  the ever increasing debt, looming unemployment numbers, a stagnant economy, and a war that the public doesn’t support – not one person has come out in the name of the GOP and laid down his/her plan.

There is a quote in that all proplems are a management problem, and this quote is rather fitting for the GOP. There is NO clear leader in the party, and those that are supposed to be don’t seem all that interested.

Time is not on the side of the GOP. Faced with the probability of taking over in Washington, they still are not taking cues from the public. The public is clear in that they want to know a plan. The GOP fails to understand that the public will be the one to put them in office, or take them out.

Regardless who the frontrunners are for 2012 Presidential nomination, a clear stance needs to be public. The GOP has failed in uniting the voters. One way for them to do that would be to take those frontrunners and have them lay out their plans and formulate them into one. They could still differ as to their oppinions on how they would handle the issues, but at least they would finally show unity and direction. Most of all, the GOP would show a sense of leadership.

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