The Establishment is Failing

The victory for Christine O’Donnell was a slap in the face for those who are considered as the republican establishment. Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer are very respected in the political arena. However, when people go against them or what they say, it is viewed by some as re-posturing.

A posture not necessarily moving away from their original stance, but more of one from the failing establishment. The right is seen by the Tea Partiers as just as guilty as the left. They are sick of seeing so-called conservatives stand on issues only to fold and side with the left.

Now, when Tea Party candidates take a lead in the polls, political machines like Rove go nuts. Why? Because the Rovian establishment cannont have their way. Those like Rove want nothing more than to be able to sculpt the outcome and be able to manipulate constituants to take their stance. And when Rove was unable to flex his political power, he attacked.

The other problem with the establishment is that they are faced with a two-front war. A was waged by the people and those who are considered to be the elites. After all, it is the people who are in charge, and when they take charge the establishment gets scared. It is almost as if the right is connecting with the left to wage a political war against Tea Partiers.

The failing establishment is quickly learing that they must either echo frustrations of those on the faux right or embrace the new movement. This could be the end of the political elitists and cunstructionists like Rove and the rising of the voice of the people. A Voice that the country was founded on. The Same voice that caused the Founding Fathers to pen and contruct the nations documents.

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