The Civil War Against Americanism

There is no question that many feel as though there has been an inherent attack on American and its exceptionalism. With the stampede on American Liberty by way of the recent passing of Obamacare, there is much merit to the charge.

Dennis Prager, writer and contributor for Townhall, echoes the same sentiment.

It’s a Civil War: What We Do Now

 terrible thing happened to America on Sunday, March 21, 2010.The country took its biggest step ever down a road diametrically opposed to its original intent of keeping the state small so that the individual can be free and great.

Therefore, in this unprecedented crisis of values, this is what needs to be done:

  1. Know and teach America’s core values.
  2. Recognize that we are fighting the left, not liberals.
  3. Democrats should be referred to as Social Democrats.
  4. Work tirelessly to repeal the bill.
  5. Our motto: “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”
  6. Do not let other matters distract.
  7. Acknowledge that we are in a non-violent civil war.

Thank God this civil war is non-violent. But the fact is that the left and the rest of the country share almost no values. The American value system and the leftist value system are irreconcilable. If the left wins, America’s values lose. If American values prevail, the left loses.

After Sunday’s vote, for the first time in American history, one could no longer confidently believe that the American system will prevail. And if we don’t fight for it, we don’t deserve it.     Read the entire article HERE.

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