Obama Challenges For Ideas

The time has come for Obama to get desperate. He was out giving a speech the other day and offered that those who don’t agree with him or his administration could take the time to share their ideas. If they were as good as everyone argued they were, he wanted to hear them.

So, what’s wrong with that? It shows that he is desperate for ideas. He has recognized that what he has to offer isn’t exactly working and he needs new ideas. This is all strategy by Obama and his minions.

What this comes to is positioning himself for another run in 2012. He sees that the tides of the ocean he spoke of are pulling away from him, and that his power in both the House and Senate will be diminished.

But, he is smart enough to see that people may become less involved and less in tune with his agenda as they see less Democrats in office. Taking the opportunity to then say that they had two years to try and change things and didn’t will be his mantra. It will be the platform that could get him re-elected.

This is why he is willing to lend an ear to those ideas that the people have. He is lost at sea and doesn’t have a compass to point the way. His position with this is exactly why those with ideas should be silent. Silence in this case would cause the Obama team to go nuts.

They want the peoples ideas so they can take the credit. At least then it will make stump speeches possible for his run in 2012.

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