Mexico City Follows California; Upholds Gay Marriage

Just the same as California overturned Prop 8 ruling that gay marriage was legal, Mexico City followed suit as they were wrestling with the same issue. Before the Mexico Supreme Court was the issue of allowing gay marriage and its constitutionality. And in an 8-2 ruling, the justices ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

The more specific article referenced in Mexico’s constitution suggests:

“Men and women are equal before the law. This protects the organization and development of the family.”

After the ruling, reaction and explanation followed:

Supreme Court Justice Arturo Zaldivar said, “Those of us who are in favor of this (law) are in favor of diversity and tolerance. Our constitution does not establish a concept of marriage.”

Rev. Hugo Valdemar, the spokesman for Mexico City’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese, said “we regret this ruling because in our opinion, it affects the fundamental nucleus of the family.”

Justice Guillermo Ortiz, who argued against the law, said “marriage is reserved exclusively for couples who can procreate, because one of the big issues of marriage is the protection of children.”

Supreme Court Judge Salvador Aguirre Anguiano said, “In marriage, the invariable and eternal has been man and woman tied together with the real or unreal, realized or unrealized goal of procreation, but that idealizes the family as consisting of a man and a woman.”

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