Top 5 Political Issues of 2009

As the year comes to a close, a look back through the top five political issues of 2009 have definately sparked interest in many ways. It is not to say that these were the only issues, however this is a list of the most pressing and longest lasting issues.

5. Nuclear Iran

Iran has been, for many years, trying to obtain enough nuclear material to produce their own nuclear weapons. 2009 has proven to be a monumental year for Iran. They were secretly operating in a facility rapidly producing material at an alarming rate. Also, they got enough international interest that brought the most powerful nations together to attempt to bring an end to their nuclear weapon wishes.

4. Government Spending

As a roll-over issue from last year, the amount of government spending has definately been increased under the watchless eye of the Obama administration. In just one year, this administration has tripled the defecit with programs like TARP, stimulus packages and bank and business bailouts. The other side to this horendous spending spree, is that most all of it was financed and backed by China.

1. (3 way tie) Afghanistan War

At the very start of Obama’s presidency, he took a strong stance on the war in Afghanistan. With an initial strategy that wasn’t, he asked his hand-picked general, Gen. McChrystal, to give prepare an assessment. An assessment that was soon leaked to the media. Wasting time deciding on a direction, Obama finally announced that he would send a surge of troops and that the mission would be completed by 2011. This sparked a buzz among some that the troop surge was purely political, being that troops would be victoriously coming home in the middle of the 2012 elections.

1. (3 way tie) Health Care Reform

Among one of the most talked about items during the election was health care reform. Obama has now stated that this is something he wants passed by Christmas, a date that has been continuously pushed back as it faces more and more opposition. Opposition now coming from both sides of the isles. With a government take-over of an industry amounting to one-sixth of the economy, and a price tag in the trillions, health care reform is something talked about by mostly every American.

1. (3 way tie) Global Climate Change

The most highly talked about international issue at the close of 2009 is climate change. An industry built on manipulated science. Pending legislation being built on the same science has proved to be a costly change that many Americans are not willing to accept. At what point will action be taken to truely investigate and study the climate, without falsifying the numbers?

Certainly, the year has brought many issues. Some more pressing than others, and for the most part will be a deciding factor for 2010 also.

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