Oh, When POTUS Goes Tweeting Along

Oh, When POTUS Goes Tweeting Along

So the President tweets. So what! Seriously? Wait, what?!

Here’s an example:

I admit I toyed with the idea of even posting anything about this. But I think it should be said.

And, before I say anything, let me say I’m 100% okay with Trump, or any other elected official, tweeting. It’s the ultimate town hall if you will.

But, I think some level of caution should be exercised. Especially with respect to tweets like the one above.

Doesn’t the First Amendment say something about free speech and press? Sure, it’s been proven that some stories aren’t full of truth. And we should be okay with undercover journalists like Project Vertitas exposing CNN in their efforts.

But, what I’m interested in is the thought that the leader of the US is posting tweets as he did. It’s funny! I get that. I laughed. But… is it okay for him to attack – and I use that term loosely – a media outlet?

Should we expect more or is this the standard for a ‘MODERN DAY’ president?

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