Fox News Shakeup: Bill O’Reilly out and Tucker Carlson to Replace

Fox News Shakeup: Bill O’Reilly out and Tucker Carlson to Replace

Fox News is dealing with quite a bit of a shakeup right now. The short story is Bill O’Reilly is out and being replaced by Tucker Carlson. The long story? Well… there really isn’t one.

Sure, it was bound to happen. There was going to come a day when O’Reilly would hang up his hat and call it quits. Did anyone think it would happen so soon? Doubtful. Nonetheless, it was gonna happen!

The long and short of it is ‘new revalations’ are proving that keeping him on was just too much of a liability for Fox News.

The cable news network is on air thanks in large part to advertisers. And, when those advertisers decide they don’t want to drop money because of alegations made against the #1 political talk host, heads turn real quick.

So… Bill took a vacation, only to be let go by Fox News leadership.

His replacement? A younger, ‘easier to connect with’, Tucker Carlson. Who, himself, has been moving up in ranks.

You might be asking yourself what all of this means anyway.

Here’s the deal. And, yes, this is how I see it.

Who cares!?! I don’t watch cable news. Heck, I don’t even watch local news unless I want to see what the weather might do. And, believe it or not, but I don’t even listen to talk radio. This shakeup at Fox News means nothing to me. I honestly could care less.

What it means to me is that it begins to give more weight and validation to those of us who host an internet talk show, or even us podcast hosts.

These ‘big dogs’ used to be the only place one could go to get the news or to hear/watch political talking heads. Thanks to the internet for killing radio stars, tv stars, and a whole host of other stars.

Let me end by saying this: There are plenty of other shows and programs out there (SHAMELESS PLUG). Don’t dismiss them. Give them as much of a chance as you can. You may even find that what they have to offer was way better than watching someone get paid millions of dollars to repeat corporate talking points.

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