5 Takeaways from President Trump’s EO on Refugees

5 Takeaways from President Trump’s EO on Refugees

All the bleeding-heart snowflakes care about is their agenda and nothing else. If people would just stop and realize – and maybe take a few minutes to actually read something for once – this isn’t a ban on Muslims. There’s more to this than what the lame stream media are willing to give effort into reporting on.

Here are 5 takeaways from President Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees:

  1. This is – and this will be hard for the melting snowflakes to understand – temporary.
  2. This is based on security reviews conducted by Obama.
  3. Trump isn’t the first to do this.
  4. This is entirely legal.
  5. This is all about security!

We discuss these 5 tid-bits on the show:

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