TSV101 – Who’s Really To Blame For The Trump Rally Protests

TSV101 – Who’s Really To Blame For The Trump Rally Protests

Protests at a Trump rally? Say it’s not so.

Come on, you’ve got to admit it was only a matter of time before all the Trump-mania started to catch up to him.

But is it all Trumps fault? Or are others to blame? I would venture to say it’s a little bit of both.

Trump isn’t free and clear with this one. Despite the fact that George Soros funded MoveOn.org and the Black Lives Matter movement planned, organized, and successfully carried out a protest at a Chicago Trump rally does not remove all responsibility from him.

How so? Why would their actions fall on Trump?

We need to take a journey in our little time machine back to a press conference Trump held in August of 2015. To put his comments into context you need to be reminded that just days before, democrat candidate Bernie Sanders was holding a rally in Seattle when two Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the stage taking control of his microphone.

Trump’s response?

See, Trump isn’t shy when it comes to being confrontational. In fact, he’s been pretty open about telling his supporters what to do if protestors show up.

He’d like to punch the protesters in the face? Telling supporters to knock the crap out of them? Even offering to pay their legal fees?

And we wonder why Trump is drawing in protesters? Maybe, just maybe, they are interested in seeing if he’ll follow through.

The Black Lives Matter group doesn’t shy away from violent protests. We’ve all witnessed their ends of destruction. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay.

What else isn’t okay are all the people and candidates out there saying this is a violation of the first amendment. Seriously? That’s a stretch. I mean, if anything at all it’s a close violation of being able to freely assemble.

Black Lives Matter and MoveOn.org have just as much right to assemble as Trump does.

However, you can’t intrude on someone else trying to peaceably assemble in order to exercise one’s right to speak freely.

And, the more I have thought about it, all of these candidates have put themselves out in the public eye, and each of them have had their fair share of hecklers and protesters. These things happen, and it just depends on who can make the most noise.

It’s no secret Trump knows how to make noise. He’s been making tons of noise.

But it’s really sad when these two groups of people go out protesting a guy who is talking about creating jobs so they can actually afford things in life instead of freeloading off the government.

That’s right. These same protesters are supporting candidates promising loads of free stuff. Health care. College. Sanders is out there promising an ‘honest’ wage. Nevermind the economic impact and strain this would put on the middle class.

Let’s not get off topic. Is Trump to blame or not? Yes and no.

He’s, and I’m being honest here, he’s really the only one getting attention on both sides. Whether you like it or not, his shotgun approach is appealing to many. He hits on so many areas on the target, it looks like it was shot at with a shotgun. So, while you may agree with him on a few things, others will agree on totally different issues. And the same goes with those on the left that he’s attracting.

So yes, he’s bringing some of this on himself.

There’s an entire movement to stop him from being elected, and it’s coming from both sides. As many republicans who are trying to stop Trump, democrats are doing the same thing. It’s part of why the large-scale protests are happening.

They don’t want him to be able to get his message out. And, really, if you don’t agree with his message, that’s not enough to silence him or his supporters.

If you don’t agree with him, don’t detract from someone else who is trying to see what he’s all about. Just educate and inform them on the facts.


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