Reince Priebus: ‘90% of Republicans are on board’ with Donald Trump

Reince Priebus: ‘90% of Republicans are on board’ with Donald Trump

RNC chairman Reince Priebus joined Tucker Carlson who was filling in on Hannity to discuss the DNC convention.

Tucker questioned Priebus on the notion that if Donald Trump loses, will it be because the party didn’t get behind him and unite.

Reince replied: Look, 90 percent of Republicans are on board. You have a handful of people that aren’t. They should be on board. They have agreed to be on board. They’re not on board. They should get on board. But I actually think when you look at these two parties right now you have two huge change movements happening within both parties. The difference is the Republican party has chosen the change movement candidate in Donald Trump. The Democrats chose the status quo entity in their party. I think… they’re going to lose support.

Here’s where I differ with Reince: both parties are extremely divided. I agree in saying that the RNC has picked the candidate of ‘change,’ and also in that the DNC has picked the status quo. But the only ‘change’ the RNC made in picking Trump is that he is further left than any of the other choices. However, back to my main point: both parties are divided. There isn’t much unity at all on either side. Democrats are split between the status quo and an even harder left by way of Bernie Sanders. And the republicans? They are split with conservatives versus those taking a left turn with Donald Trump at the wheel. Many of those conservatives are feeling ‘party homeless.’ And I’d venture to say those in the Sanders camp feel the same way.

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