Oh Great, Another Manifesto?

Oh Great, Another Manifesto?

Enough already! It’s time to quit acting like children, and start acting like grown adults.

Seems like anymore you scroll through social media it’s a bash session on a candidate.

It even got to the point where some of the ‘top’ voices for the conservative cause issued a manifesto. Oh, are some of these voices royalty now? Seriously, enough already.

This is not who some of us are. And, it certainly is not who we want to represent us. Yes, both in the media and those looking to get elected to office.

Here’s the thing. Politics is a cut-throat business. Plain as that.

But, it’s a little more complex than that.

You see, there are some of us out there that recognize the power of our voice.

Even better, there are some of us out there who are not afraid to pause and really look at all the facts surrounding an issue. And, these facts, are more than just what is happening right here right now.

To really know, you have to know history AND be able to objectively look at the consequences of each move and decision.

It’s fantastic that you and your ‘friends’ support one candidate over the next. You’ve got that right.

BUT… it becomes a problem when all of your ‘work’ begins damaging the bigger cause.

It’s what is at stake that really needs to be looked at, and if we are okay with the consequences of our actions should it not go our way.

Is one candidate better than the next? That depends on the issue.

The fact remains that each candidate has strengths to another’s weakness. So many people out there putting their candidate in a virtual cage match to prove who’s better. This does more harm than good.

There is NO one perfect candidate out there that meets or exceeds every issue for every person.

And to be truthfully honest, today, Ronald Reagan couldn’t even get elected.

That needs to quickly become a reality!

Because, right now, everyone on the left side of the field is laughing. They are sitting back watching each one of us bring one another down.

We are doing their bidding for them, and, sad to say, it will eventually give them the victory in 2016 if we aren’t careful.

Just image for a second. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in and was guaranteed victory. What happened? Obama. In 2012, Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in and virtually guaranteed a victory over 4 failed years of Obama policy. What happened? Obama.

On the flip side… in 2008, for republicans, we were guaranteed a win in a match against Hillary Clinton. What happened? We fought each other and wound up with someone nobody could agree on and we wound up losing to a nobody. Obama. In 2012, after 4 failed years of Obama, we were guaranteed a victory. What happened? We fought each other, once again, and decided on another candidate that nobody agreed on, eventually losing, AGAIN, to Obama.

Where are we now?

There are two schools of thought. We either pick the one who goes out there playing the populist card, or we pick someone who goes against the grain walking their talk.

What will wind up happening?

Well, because of all the infighting, we’ll end up with someone nobody can agree on, and lose to Bernie Sanders. True, Clinton is in the fight as well, but she’ll be the death of her campaign. Bernie Sanders is the real threat. And, in more ways than one!

What can we do?

Leave each other alone! Real damage is happening, not only to the country but to friendships as well.

Again, when you scroll through social media, it’s everyone for themselves. It’s the same in many forms of media right now.

If you want to support one candidate over the next, then fine, but explain how your candidate is better than Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. DON’T spend your time bashing someone else within the party. It only adds fuel to the democrat’s fire.

All the destruction you are causing in supporting your candidate will be damaging to you and the party when one candidate is pit against a democrat.


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