Donald Trump’s Gamble by Skipping the Debate

Donald Trump’s Gamble by Skipping the Debate

So what if Donald Trump is skipping the debate.

But won’t it hurt him? Maybe.

Then it will help him? Maybe.

Either way you want to look at it, Trump has already won. That’s right. He already won before the debate even starts.

For the Donald it’s all about staying in the spotlight. And, it doesn’t matter if it is perceived as good or bad. He knows any publicity is good publicity.

He’s proved this strategy a few times already.

Take Ted Cruz as an example.

Donald Trump brought up the birth issue for a reason. He even explained it during a previous debate. If, and it is a big if, he was too pick Cruz as his running mate should he become the nominee, he doesn’t want the democrats to be able to hang it over their heads. If it is proven that Cruz is not eligible he’ll be able to say he told you so. He spun it so that he can take credit either way it gets brought up.

Back to Trump skipping out on the debate.

Trump wins without attending because he’s positioning himself as the outsider who isn’t owned by anyone. Not even the big time media can tell him what to do.

On top of that, he’s hurting Fox News by then losing out on money from advertising. That’s what keeps them in business. Donald understands this.

He also understands that if he is able to hurt their ratings by going on CNN and having them simulcast his veteran benefit event, he shows that he is definitely the only one to beat.

If any other candidate tried to pull off what Donald Trump is doing, it would be the end of their hopes of ever winning an election again.

It’s a big gamble.


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