The Day After 9/11

The Day After 9/11

The day after 9/11 was very different than the day before. Admittedly, the American guard had become somewhat relaxed, and even though the writing was on the walls, we chose to do nothing. The result was the heinous attack that sent two jets flying into the twin towers in New York.

Not only were many Americans in shock of what happened, but the world stood still. It’s an uneasy feeling looking up in the sky and not seeing a single plane.

But, the day after 9/11 was different. When Americans woke up that morning, they were united. Instead of being drawn apart by partisan politics, they came together emotionally and spiritually.

Many people of different faiths joined together and prayed. They prayed for each other, and for the nation.

I fear that we are slowly falling asleep again, and that bad things are to come. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that good things are on the horizon, but not without some tumultuous times first.

The world is in chaos right now, and many people are blind to the things happening in the world. Those of you with eyes wide open are trying to sound the alarms, yet they fall upon deaf ears.

What do we do? How can we fix it? Honestly… I don’t know.

The one thing I do know is this: We all remember who we were with and what we were doing on 9/11. Many people post pictures on social media, and they use #NeverForget because they don’t want to forget those things. They want people out there to know America will not forget the attack on that day.

But, they miss the most important thing of it all.

We must #NeverForget how united we were the day after 9/11.


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