Stand Your Ground [PODCAST]


In this episode, I discuss why we need to stand our ground.


Meat & Potatoes

The need to stand your ground has never been as much an issue as it is today. Like you, I see and feel the attacks against us everyday. Sad thing is, almost every single one of them comes from our government. So, we need to be like Captain John Parker who said, “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they want to have a war let it begin here.”

Why do we need to stand our ground? Because those we elect work for us, not themselves. Cicero warned about this very thing.

Look, with things like net neutrality, regulations against online political speech, and the idea of a global government, we need to stand our ground. We cannot just sit idle and watch everything be taken from us.

Lost & Found

How cool would it be if you were asked to go look for something, and you just happen to be searching through an old scrapbook and find a copy of the Magna Carta?

Who Said That?

He didn’t really say that did he? What about his little spox idiot? How does he get up there each day and defend such ignorant remarks? Some people… are just too stupid to insult.

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