Securely Anchored in Christ

Securely Anchored in Christ

There is no doubt that we’ve all heard that old saying, ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link.’ And, when you really think about it, you are. If you have a weakness in your organization, group, or team, then it will be that exact weakness that will hold you back from achieving the next level.

But, I think, there’s a little more to the saying than most people are giving thought to. You see, far too often we’re looking at these weak links as if they are because of someone else. Have you ever stopped to think maybe, just maybe, that you or something about you is the weak link?

Ships, big or small, have an anchor that can be lowered to keep them safe from a variety of things. Connecting that ships to its anchor is a chain.

“Suppose a beautiful sailing ship had been manufactured from the finest materials and had been reinforced and strengthened for the roughest seas. The mast and sails had been prepared carefully and were sturdy and seaworthy. Suppose the anchor was above standard in size and weight and craftsmanship. But suppose, by some inadvertent error, the chain attached to the anchor was inferior and weak. Visualize what would happen the first time the anchor was lowered of the first time a strong wave tried to push the anchored ship out to sea. If any of the chain holding the anchor broke, the anchor would be left to rust on the bottom of the ocean floor, and the ship would drift and perhaps be destroyed.” (M. Russell Ballard, Yesterday, Today, and Forever, pg. 12)

Take a second and look at yourself. Are there weak links in your chain? You are a beautiful vessel, and if you accept him, Christ has volunteered to be your anchor. Make sure that you are securely anchored in Christ with a strong chain.


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