Dr. Michael Neeki: Muslim Immigrants ‘Need to Pick a Side’

Dr. Michael Neeki: Muslim Immigrants ‘Need to Pick a Side’

Iranian immigrant Dr. Michael Neeki, one of the first responders on the scene at the San Bernardino terrorist attack, offered some advice in a Fox News interview with Jenna Lee asking Muslim immigrants to ‘pick a side.’

JENNA LEE: I want to ask you a quick final question. I know you were born into a Muslim family and you came to this country to pursue your own version of the American dream. I would just briefly like to ask you about what you said yesterday. You said in the press conference, ‘it’s time to show ISIS what we are made of.’ We are all look for solutions about how to combat terror. What do you think is number one on the list?

DR. MICHAEL NEEKI: Number one on the list is bringing America together, bringing the community together. I was born in it but I mention it here because I really had suffered from fundamentalist religious ideas. I was tortured in a prison by these people. You can not sit and talk to these people. They are actually fanatics and made up their mind. For those Americans who actually, for those of us that emigrated here, here you have to choose a side.

When you swear and you become a naturalized citizen of this country and uses these resources to get where you are, show the loyalty to the community. Bring everybody together. It’s not an issue of religion anymore; it’s an issue of protecting the constitution and individual freedom in this country. And we are threatened by ISIS and these radical ideas coming in.

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