TSV005: We’re at a Tipping Point


In this episode, I discuss a video of Cliven Bundy that was a hacked mess, failures in party leadership and how we’ve reached a tipping point.

Paul Revere's Ride

Power Quote: Frederick Douglass

I AM now at the beginning of the year—1836—when the mind naturally occupies itself with the mysteries of life in all its phases—the ideal, the real, and the actual. Sober people look both ways at the beginning of a new year, surveying the errors of the past, and providing against the possible errors of the future. I, too, was thus exercised. I had little pleasure in retrospect, and the future prospect was not brilliant. “Notwithstanding,” thought I, “the many resolutions and prayers I have made in behalf of freedom, I am, this first day of the year 1836, still a slave, still wandering in the depths of a miserable bondage. My faculties and powers of body and soul are not my own, but are the property of a fellow-mortal in no sense superior to me, except that he has the physical power to compel me to be owned and controlled by him. By the combined physical force of the community I am his slave—a slave for life.” With thoughts like these I was chafed and perplexed, and they rendered me gloomy and disconsolate. The anguish of my mind cannot be written.”

Cliven Bundy

  • Earlier this week a video of Cliven was edited and then distributed which made him appear to be racist. *GASP* He said that there ‘negro’ word. Therefore he’s a racist. Sadly, the damage had already been done before the full video was released which showed the quote, in my opinion, in a different light. Look, Bundy is from a different time. He’s a rancher and doesn’t know all the proper PC terms that are acceptable today. Instead of looking at the whole context he was vilified. Maybe he could have said it different. But, the reality is that many are still slaves. Not like that of yesteryear, but in many different forms. People are slave to the lender. They are slaves to technology. Slaves to taxes and big government. We can go on and on, because this is certainly something that could be talked about later. The bigger problem is that we are at a . . .

Tipping Point

  • Party leadership wants things that We The People don’t want!
  • We’re not even going to get started on Jeb Bush! There’s just too much to go on with that one.
  • John ‘Bonehead’ Boehner wants to pass amnesty and so does John McCain

John ‘Bonehead’ Boehner Mocked Conservatives

Back to the Tipping Point

  • people are fed up
  • they understand that we don’t need comprehensive immigration reform
  • we need to first enforce the law
  • pathway to citizenship? There already is one! Just follow the laws and the rules.
  • what we need is a Paul Revere or a Sybil Ludington; who aren’t afraid to call these people out and make them accountable
  • Paul Revere was only one man, Sybil Ludington was only one woman but it took an army to make a real difference

Now, let’s end on a positive note:

Squatters chased off by Veterans and Bikers


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