A Lasting Effect

A Lasting Effect

The jury finally handed down their verdict in Ferguson, and did not indict Officer Darren Wilson. Immediately following the release of the news, right on schedule were the protesters. Taking to the streets to loot, set fire to businesses and cop cars, and cause a ripple effect across the nation in cities like New York City.

While many people out there will never experience the loss of their child, albeit at the hands of a safety officer or rival gang or any other way, there is still a level of compassion to the Brown family.

After you watch the following video, take a second to think about how this could have been different.

The pain within Mrs. Brown is very evident. She feels that there was no justice served. However, is it not justice when a jury of peers reviews all of the evidence reported to them and comes to a decision?

After watching the video above, imagine if you will the lasting effect of what you just witnessed. Or, as some refer to it, the butterfly effect.

We’ve seen how they reacted based off of her comments. Now, imagine a scene where she came out and said that justice had been served. That, even though she didn’t agree with the decision that was handed down, to please remain in silence. Not to rip apart the community of Ferguson. Not to loot, and riot, and set things ablaze. Imagine the effect.

Mrs. Brown had the opportunity to alter the entire outcome, and failed to seize upon it. In her eyes, clouded by the pain of her deceased son, she’s doing good. She’s being outspoken. She’s expressing her rights to speak freely and assemble.

But, her actions and those around her will have a lasting effect. One that will not bring the community closer together, rather it will cause further divide. All eyes were on Ferguson, and she had the chance to help bring unity to the nation. A nation that is still ‘healing’ from its past.

It is extremely saddening that this once peaceful town, now resembles a third world country.

The choice you make today, will have a lasting effect.

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