Gorbachev Says America Needs A Perestroika

Gorbachev Says America Needs A Perestroika

In an interview with RT, Gorbachev said in reference to the US that ‘they need a Perestroika.’

Translated from Russian, Perestroika means ‘restructuring.’ During the end of the Cold War, Gorbachev was largely viewed as the leader of the perestroika in the then USSR.

Personally speaking, I never thought that I would ever agree too much with anything someone from Russia would say, but I have to hand it to Gorby on this one. The US is in need of a bit of restructuring, or perestroika if you will.

Within the realm of politics lies layer upon layer of corruption and failed policies. Year after year of a little here and a little there, and it all adds up to what we see in Washington today.

“They can call it any name they want, the American way,” he said, adding that “Americans do not want a war. But it is not easy for them, with the society that they have.”

The US uses tensions and instability to intervene into a conflict, then creates an enemy to enable their “policy of pressure” and shift responsibility, he said.

“Whenever tensions are high, whenever there’s instability in a certain country or throughout the region, it’s an opportunity for [the US] to intervene,” said Gorbachev.

During his interview with RT, Gorbachev explained that there were always two sides to the conflict in the 20th century – “one was supported by the United States, and the other by the Soviet Union.” Read more at RT.com

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