Obamacare Calls in Sick Day 1

The launch of the Obamacare insurance exchanges was today and it was already showing problems.

obamacare website crash
via Rep. Tim Huelskamp

Pretty much from the start of the day, and for the majority of the day, the official website was nothing more than an error message.

Overloaded with traffic, this should be seen as a sign for things to come.

They knew well enough the amount of traffic to expect, yet they couldn’t handle it and it overloaded the servers. This is ridiculous! The government operates some of the world’s largest server centers and their silly little website crashes? Give me a break.

This is a sign people. If they can’t manage a website, who in their right mind thinks they can run health care?

Obamacare was designed to fail! It was designed to so that it would collapse insurance companies and force everyone into a single-payer system.

This is only day 1 and Obamacare calls in sick!

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