US Troops Sent to Jordan

After a meeting of NATO ministers on Wednesday, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that US troops were being sent to Jordan. His reason is to aid in security. Rightly so considering the Benghazi scandal that is worsening by the minute, as is the stranglehold by the Muslim Brotherhood. But then again, maybe that’s the reason troops are heading out.

The Muslim Brotherhood has asserted their way throughout the Middle East region, and it seems as though little has been done to slow the momentum they have created. The amount of ‘underground’ support they have amassed is incredible. Regimes have fallen and new ones have taken their place, all with a strong Muslim Brotherhood influence. Jordan is and will be no different.

Reports are that the Jordanian arm of the Brotherhood is putting pressure on King Abdullah to make sweeping reforms not only to parliament but to the constitution. And it seems like they are making ground. Case in point, Jordan has an influx of Syrian refugees and they aren’t getting much needed gas supplies from Egypt. Both countries have seen a surge in Muslim Brotherhood presence. For the King to remain in power he will have to concede to their wants. Or, he risks being overthrown.

That is a strong statement to make. However, recent history has shown that during election cycles in the Middle East. If you don’t know, take a look at what happened in Egypt and Syria. Both had uprisings that were tied to the Brotherhood. In case you need a refresher course on geography, Syria and Egypt border Jordan. Unlike Egypt and Syria, Jordan has somewhat escaped the Arab Spring unscathed. And, while some feel that they have been passed over, others are saying that the moment is now.

So, let’s get to the point here. And that is, ‘Why are we sending troops into Jordan?’ Recent news that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had his forces move weapons around that are reported to be biological and chemical weapons. And, it is the security of those weapons and their whereabouts as to why we would need to send troops. It would be certain devastation if those weapons were to fall in the wrong hands.

Another scenario that could play out in the future is that if the Muslim Brotherhood takes majority in Jordan it would pose a dangerous situation for Israel. The cause of the Brotherhood is well known in that they would like to see the ultimate destruction of Israel. And if they had control of the chemical and biological weapons they could dish out a serious blow. So strategically speaking, a soft US military presence near Israel could be placed in Jordan because they have been an ally to us in the region.

The idea that the US is dispatching should do more than raise an eyebrow. The administration surely does not want more blood on their hands. We only hope that this isn’t a knee jerk reaction because of the failure in Banghazi by Obama and his administration. And we certainly hope that this isn’t seen as hostile posturing by others in the Middle East.

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