Politicizing Comic Book Heroes

DC Comics is at it again. Not too recent were they making headlines because they announced that the Green Lantern was gay. If that wasn’t enough, their newest release for the Green Lantern turns him into a Muslim Arab-American hero.

In a blog post for The Weekly Standard, Jonathan Last had this to say:

At this point, DC is closing in on self-parody. Because the new Muslim hero, “Simon Baz,” is also a Green Lantern, and where other Green Lanterns have worn either a simple Domino mask (or no mask at all), Baz wears a full stocking mask with only his eyes and mouth visible. You can practically hear the corporate notes on the design: We like the super-powered burka look because it’s so evocative of America’s multicultural history.

If we were going to be snarky we might ask what the Muslim Green Lantern thinks of the gay Green Lantern’s right to marry. Or why DC Comics doesn’t have any prominent evangelical Christian heroes. But instead, I’ll just point out that with DC popping out diversity stunts every few months, eventually the law of diminishing returns will set in and they’ll have to create a transgendered Green Lantern with a drinking problem—in a wheelchair!—in order to get people to pay attention.

It definitely leaves you wondering what type of message is being delivered to such young and impressionable minds.

You be the judge. Do you have problems with this?

Muslim Arab-American Green Lantern

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