DNC Amends Platform During Convention to Include ‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem’

The days events on Wednesday during the DNC’s convention brought a vote to amend the party platform to include ‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem.’ As odd as it is to want to amend the platform, is just as odd that they had to do it in the first place.

So, what is the “party platform” anyway? It is what defines the Democratic Party. It is supposed to be everything they stand for. So, for them to have removed the language that included ‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem’ brought a lot of talk. So much talk in fact that Obama put on the pressure for them to put it back in.

Which is why they put the motion before the delegates on the convention floor. It required a 2/3 majority vote. And, well, if you haven’t seen what happened, take a look:

How damaging is that? Well, if it isn’t enough to see that the party is divided on this subject, it should definitely raise the question as to why the ruling when the way it did. It’s almost like it was planned for it to happen. But, there is always more! Take a look at what the teleprompter had in the que:

DNC teleprompter

Well if that isn’t damning? It was already planned as to how the vote would go. But why?

It is doubtful that President Obama authorized the removal, and it is easy to believe that he put on the pressure to return the language.

What remains to be seen is how negatively this will impact the overall outcome of the convention. Hopefully the polls afterward will raise this question.

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