Fireable Offense: Axelrod on Calling Mitt Romney ‘Weird’

David Axelrod is now saying that calling 2012 Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney ‘weird’ of using the context of ‘killing him’ will get your fired from the campaign staff.

Three days ago, however, it was part of the strategy for the 2012 Obama re-election team.

via HuffingtonPost:

SCARBOROUGH: Again, this is the news here. That Politico story that said that the Obama campaign said they wanted to, quote, kill Mitt Romney, that you were going to trash him, that you were going to make him look strange, that you were going to make fun of his tight jeans which I think are kind of sexy, all that is garbage, right? Are you saying that story is false?

AXELROD: Yes, I think — all of it is garbage. I’m still trying to get my mind around your fascination with his jeans. All of that is garbage.

SCARBOROUGH: If the President found out or you found out or the Chief of Staff found out that somebody working for President Obama was trying to take that tack, would you all fire them?

AXELROD: I would — if someone used words like ‘weird,’ I would certainly do that, yes.

So, let’s get this straight. From the crack-staff that calls Romney the flip-flopper, flip-flops on what they were on record for saying?

This election cycle is surely shaping up to be an interesting one!

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