Declaration of Patriotism

When in the context of the American way, there comes a time which the People shall process the Idea and Nature of the United States, and through those Rights and Emblems that have shaped America, must the People choose to protect and serve this great nation.

We hold these Rights – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – as they are, given from our Creator, to prosper the nation, not the individual for equality among Entitlements.

Rather it be said by Thomas Jefferson, that the Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

And, while these Rights and Symbols are debated in the High Court, the People still are empowered to elect those members to reflect the state of the nation, and should it be so, that at any time corruption has filled the halls of Administration, the People have the collective Duty and Power to change it.

As Symbols of America, they represent those countless Patriots that have, and are, fulfilling their Duty as selfless Citizens, for their blood that was shed, was not done so for these Emblems to be either trampled nor mocked, but done so to stand as Symbols for what this nation represents, and that they would be cherished and respected.

And, at any time, when respect is not rendered to the Rights, Rituals and Symbols, it shall be looked upon as a betrayal of allegiance to the nation, as it is a true privilege to be counted among the People.

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