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Dick Morris | Obama: Gas Us Without Fear of Nukes

If any nation wants to attack the United States with chemical, biological or electromagnetic pulse weapons, it need not fear nuclear retaliation as long as it has no nuclear weapons and abides by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Obama has announced.

So, as New Yorkers are coughing their lungs out from mustard gas or dying in the streets of biological weapons, they will know that their government will not use nuclear weapons to retaliate against their murderers.

In effect, Obama has said if you are a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and do not have nuclear weapons, we will not hit you with nuclear bombs even if you unleash poison gas or biological microbes in crowed American cities or cripple our economy by a massive electromagnetic pulse.

His incredible announcement amounts to a green light for anti-American nations to hit our cities with gas or poisons, resting secure in the knowledge that we will not use our nuclear arsenal to reply.

Mark Levy | Nukes, Takes and Oz

Dear Mark: My friends and I are thrilled that President Obama wants to eliminate nuclear weapons from our planet. Ronald Reagan worshipers like you keep the possibility of nuclear annihilation alive and well through your stupid neo-con beliefs and rantings. Why don’t you give us your ridiculous opinion so we can shoot it down? — Lively Liberal in Lawrence

Dear Lively: The Obama administration will tell you his “Revised Nuclear Policy” is a step toward a nuclear-weapon-free world. That sounds all warm and fuzzy if you’re smoking weed in the Haight-Ashbury district. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Iran, North Korea, Russia and even little old Venezuela are ramping up their weapons programs.

I’ll cut President Obama some slack for his naive liberal “can’t we all just get along” vision of the world at the beginning of his term. But if Obama’s eyes haven’t been opened to the nastiness of the world after 16 months in office, then our country is in deep trouble.

President Obama claims he wants the United States to lead by example, but does he really believe Kim Jong-Il, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad give a rat’s butt about our example? If these men cared, their countries would have freely elected leaders as opposed to the anti-American, iron-fisted, sociopathic miscreants currently holding office.

In his “revision,” President Obama pledges not to develop new nuclear weapons systems. In this ever-changing world, that policy is short-sighted at best and dangerously irresponsible at worst. Our defense technology is one of the primary reasons we are the most powerful nation on earth — and personally I enjoy being No. 1.

What is it with liberals that they cannot handle strength and success, whether it is with themselves or others?

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