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Federalist No. 6

THE three last numbers of this paper have been dedicated to an enumeration of the dangers to which we should be exposed, in a state of disunion, from the arms and arts of foreign nations. I shall now proceed to delineate dangers of a different and, perhaps, still more alarming kind–those which will in all probability flow from dissensions between the States themselves, and from domestic factions and convulsions. These have been already in some instances slightly anticipated; but they deserve a more particular and more full investigation.

A man must be far gone in Utopian speculations who can seriously doubt that, if these States should either be wholly disunited, or only united in partial confederacies, the subdivisions into which they might be thrown would have frequent and violent contests with each other. To presume a want of motives for such contests as an argument against their existence, would be to forget that men are ambitious, vindictive, and rapacious. To look for a continuation of harmony between a number of independent, unconnected sovereignties in the same neighborhood, would be to disregard the uniform course of human events, and to set at defiance the accumulated experience of ages.

The causes of hostility among nations are innumerable. There are some which have a general and almost constant operation upon the collective bodies of society. Of this description are the love of power or the desire of pre-eminence and dominion–the jealousy of power, or the desire of equality and safety.


Conservative Talkers

Michael Reagan | Hypocrisy of the Left – A General Crisis

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who until today was the leader of U.S, and NATO forces in Afghanistan, has resigned in the wake of derogatory comments made by the general and his staff during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

One can only guess at this point why the general chose to publicly disclose his feelings on an array of topics in an on-the-record capacity to a journalist associated with this particular magazine, not one generally associated with thought-provoking foreign policy pieces. The president chose wisely in quickly replacing Gen. McChrystal with someone with impeccable credentials and a record of accomplishing military objectives that at first glance may seem to be unobtainable.

The Heritage Foundation | Confronting the Unsustainable Growth of Welfare Entitlements: Principles of Reform and the Next Steps

The federal government runs over 70 different means-tested anti-poverty programs that provide cash, food, housing, medical care, and social services to poor and low-income persons. These means-tested programs—including food stamps, public housing, low-income energy assistance, and Medicaid—pay the bills and meet the physical needs of tens of millions of low-income families. However, these programs do not help the recipients move from a position of dependence on the government to being able to provide for themselves.

Only one welfare program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), promotes greater self-reliance. The reform that created TANF in the mid-1990s moved 2.8 million families off the welfare rolls and into jobs so that they were providing for themselves. Regrettably, while the TANF reform was successful, no other federal welfare programs have been reformed along similar lines. The TANF reform could serve as a partial model of reform for other programs for the poor.


In The News

Gen. McChrystal Resigns; Gen. Petraeus Demoted

While the media is reporting that McChrystal was fired, Obama tells a different story. In his press conference after meeting with McChrystal, Obama says that the Gen. resigned. Obama also demoted Gen. Patraeus from his cushy CENTCOM desk job in favor of having him serve as McChrystal’s replacement.

Gulf Oil Spill Lacks Progress

The BP oil leak in the Gulf continues to spit massive amounts of crude oil while people and nations sit idle offering time and resources to help clean up.

Blago Has A Secret?

An aide to Blagojevich says that Obama knew of his plot to win over a position in exchange for a certain appointment to Obama’s Senate seat.

Disclose Act Approved By House Vote

The vote was 219 to 206, however Republican leaders say outcome looks shakey in the Senate.

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