Barack Obama’s 5 Cacophonous Notes

by David Limbaugh

I never expected President Barack Obama to be promoting my new book, “Crimes Against Liberty,” but that’s virtually what’s happened with his recent speeches on the economy. It’s as if he’s determined to validate every premise I assert in “Crimes Against Liberty.”

All the elements are there: his thin-skinned narcissism, his deceit, his militant partisanship, his bullying and his dogged adherence to his disastrous policy agenda against all evidence of its failure and against the express will of the American people.

His full-throated class warfare was on clear display. With him, it’s always us against them. He praised “Wisconsin’s working men and women,” that is union members, as if no one else works or contributes to the economy or society.

Expanding on this theme, he paid homage to the middle class — the people whose taxes “in any form” he promised he would never raise — before signing the excise tax on tobacco, trying to pass the cap-and-trade bill, shoving through Obamacare and its 14 to 19 new taxes, which will total some half a trillion dollars over the next decade and fall hardest on middle-income groups. A value-added tax is even on the table.

He claims to be the middle class’s greatest champion but fails to explain why his economic policies — not George W. Bush’s, not John Boehner’s — are devastating that very group and bankrupting our children’s futures.

No, the acceptance of personal accountability is not in his makeup. It’s still Bush’s fault that our unemployment rate hovers between 9 and 10 percent despite Obama’s promise that it would not exceed 8 percent if he passed his stimulus bill. Now he says “there’s no silver bullet” to fix these problems. But that’s not what he said during the campaign. He was the silver bullet who would cause the oceans to subside and whose policies would “jump-start this economy again.”

He ratcheted up his class warfare theme with this assertion that only those at the top of the economic ladder are doing well, while the middle class is being left behind. If that’s true, does it mean he will finally acknowledge the failure of his policies? After all, the middle class (and all groups) fared far better under President Bush. But don’t hold your breath.

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