My List of Goals for 2018

My List of Goals for 2018

The end of one year always brings excitement and optimism for the next. And, as 2017 came to a close, I couldn’t wait to get 2018 started. I already had big plans in the works that would immediately take effect on Jan. 1, 2018. In fact, it was the last goal I had for 2017. Now that it’s checked off the list, it is time to get to work on a new list.

I’ll get to the list in just a second. An, before I do, I want you to know that some of these goals I have set for myself appear kind of silly. Like setting a goal of increasing the amount of Twitter followers. But, it isn’t about the number per say; it’s about cultivating connections and relationships.

Alright, so, here goes. What you are about to read is my actual list of goals I have set for 2018 and with your help and encouragement, I hope to report at the end of the year I was able to check off everything and more.



  • Read 12 Personal Growth books
  • Read 6 books together with Roxanne
  • Read 3 mindless/free time books
  • Improve my relationship with Daniel
  • Improve my relationship with Dad
  • Go on a campout
  • Take a vacation
  • Run a 5k in under 30 minutes
  • Maintain a bodyweight under 190 lbs
  • Do a handstand


  • Twitter: 2000+ followers
  • Facebook: 500+ followers
  • Instagram: 300+ followers
  • Youtube: 100+ subscribers
  • Increase podcast subscribers
  • Increase engagement across social media
  • Triple average show views
  • Send out 6 newsletters
  • Post at least 2 times a week
  • Have a contributor post
  • Re-design website by end of March
  • 2 show sponsors


  • Launch website on Jan. 1, 2018
  • Operate in the green by end of June
  • $2500 in sales for the year
  • Introduce a new product within the first 90 days
  • Introduce another product within the first 120 days


Now that I’ve shared mine, what are some of your goals? Can I help you turn your goals into celebrations?

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