Trumpcare caves; Obamacare stays

Trumpcare caves; Obamacare stays

Some call it the ‘biggest broken promise in political history,’ and others call it business as usual. Trumpcare. Plain and simple, it was set out to fail once they got started. But that’s not what the big deal is.

The deal is that we, Americans, were promised that if we gave them the White House, we could once and for all finally ‘repeal and replace’ the horribly destructive Obamacare.

It was one of Trump’s go-to promises that if he were to win there wasn’t anyone that could make a deal to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare like he could. He was… the art of the deal after all. (LOL, see what I did there?)

Well, let’s rewind this just a bit.

Let’s take it all the way back to when Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it to find out what was in it. And, they, the Democrats that is, passed it. Republicans immediately went to work telling us to just give them this, and by gosh, they’ll fix it.

Well… we did! And, what did we get? Nothing. We still had Obamacare.

Oh, but don’t worry. They ‘fought’ to change it.

They couldn’t make it happen, so they said to give them more and then they could fix it.

Well… once again, we did. And, what did we get this time in return? NOTHING. We still were left with Obamacare.

And, yes, once again they tried to ‘fight’ to change it.

And, yes, they STILL couldn’t make it happen.

Finally, they said to give them control of the White House. Yes, on top of control of the House and Senate. So, we did. And did so with the promise to once and for all, finally fix it. It was going to be great. It was gonna be Yuge. This was supposed to be the deal of the century. So… biggly!

And yet, here we are today. Stuck with, yes, you guessed it, Obamacare.

Are you starting to see why they are calling it the ‘biggest broken promise in political history‘?

Sure, I get it. People are upset. So am I! We don’t have to begin listing out all of the issues and problems Obamacare has given us. We don’t even have to dissect Trumpcare, oops, sorry, Ryancare – because, after all, we can’t blame Trump for anything – to know it was doomed to fail.

This is what happens when Washington tries to do things. It goes down the toilet!

Throw Trump into the mix and people really thought this time that it was going to change. After all, he set out with a blistering pace of getting to work and making things happen.

But… it was business as usual. Sadly, we now must enter the blame game!

People want to spend their efforts pointing the finger at the Freedom Caucus. Or Ted Cruz. Or Rand Paul. Or Mike Lee. Don’t think for a second you can point to President Trump for letting this biggly yuge opportunity go down the swamp drain. Oh, no. We can’t do that. But, in reality, that’s where all the blame needs to be placed. On Trump himself. He alone allowed this catastrophe to go on. If, and I mean IF he was so good at making deals, he wouldn’t have put Paul Ryan and his Washington cronies in charge of this.

I actually like the last few paragraphs of this Washington Examiner article:

Here’s the bottom line: Republicans didn’t want to repeal Obamacare that badly. Obamacare was a useful tool for them. For years, they could use it to score short-term messaging victories. People are steamed about high premiums? We’ll message on that today. People are angry about losing insurance coverage? We’ll put out a devastating YouTube video about that. Seniors are angry about the Medicare cuts? Let’s tweet about it. High deductibles are unpopular? We’ll issue an email fact sheet. Or maybe a gif. At no point were they willing to do the hard work of hashing out their intraparty policy differences and developing a coherent health agenda or of challenging the central liberal case for universal coverage. Sure, if the U.S. Supreme Court did the job for them, they were okay with Obamacare going away. But when push came to shove, they weren’t willing to put in the elbow grease.

There was a big debate over the course of the election about how out of step Trump was with the Republican Party on many issues. But if anything, this episode shows that Trump and the GOP are perfect together — limited in attention span, all about big talk and identity politics, but uninterested in substance.

Failing to get the votes on one particular bill is one thing. But failing and then walking away on seven years of promises is a pathetic abdication of duty. The Republican Party is a party without a purpose.

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