At Mizzou… The Struggle Is STILL Real

At Mizzou… The Struggle Is STILL Real

Everywhere you turn in the world you can, and will, find someone who’s got something to say that will be offensive to another. It’s, unfortunately, part of life. You can’t go around silencing everyone who says something hurtful or offensive. Now, I’ll warn you right now that what you are about to read will be viewed as extremely offensive and some may even call me a racist.

The events that have transpired at Mizzou are absolutely mind boggling. How, just how, can one person go on a hunger strike, gain the support of the majority of the football squad, get national attention, and demand the president of the university step down and publicly admit his ‘white privilege,’ all because he felt they weren’t doing enough to curb widespread racism on the campus?

First thing first is that there were a very few amount of reported incidents and that the university was aggressively investigating each incident.

Second, let’s not forget that one of the most prominent figures to come out of the football program was an openly gay black man, Michael Sam. And, the university celebrated his short-lived success.

Third, let’s not dismiss the fact that the student body president, that was elected by the other students, is an openly gay black man.

The point I’m trying to drive here is, based on those few facts, racism doesn’t appear to be an issue.

Is there some racism? Sure. It’s something that will forever be around. There will always be someone out there who wants to act discriminatory against someone else.

But… there’s a flip side to this entire issue unraveling!

The tables are being turned. The voice of the majority is being silenced by the cries of racism. Instead of someone stepping in and telling a spoiled punk kid who’s parents earned an estimated $6-8 million last year that he just needs to be quiet and that his argument is invalid because the act or words in question weren’t directly involving him, people support him or turn to the side for fear of being labeled a racist.

Here’s the truth: He’s as much a racist for being black forcing someone to ‘admit their white privilege’ as the ignorant drunk white person yelling disgusting racial comments to a black person.

Yes, black people can be racist. So can whites, and Asians, and Mexicans, or any other race or gender or sexual preference. Just today at another college ‘safe space’ at Claremont McKenna College in California made that exact statement, and some even booed her for saying it.

It really is saddening that these things are happening. Even more disturbing is that they are happening here in America. Don’t get me wrong, they shouldn’t be happening anywhere!

But… take a quick look at the lady holding the sign. Was she adversely affected, or even involved in the actions that are being investigated on the Mizzou campus? Without a doubt, the answer would be… wait for it… NO. Yet, she stands there holding a sign that reads, “It is too late to say sorry”. For what? Were you there? Were the comments directed to you personally?

Then again, we have to have some civility because after all, they are in a ‘safe place.’ But what happens when these ‘safe places’ become bastions for even more racism? Yes, that’s right. At Mizzou, there are reports that groups are being divided along lines of race because they need a “Black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable and real.”

Don’t believe me? Have a quick look at these tweets (h/t Mediaite):

Looking at these tweets should leave you scratching your head. Here we have a group of people actively expressing their voice and calling for less racism, but when they do they literally seperate themselves based on race.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there are only two scenarios that will play out: 1) this is just the start and it will get much worse real quick, or 2) there’s a part of the story that hasn’t been figured out and that once it does get figured out, it will be exposed as a lie just like the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ fabrication.

I will admit, that yes, unfortunately there is still racism. But, as equally saddening is that whenever someone gets their feelings hurt we immediately pull the race card.

Word to the wise: You don’t bring unity with division!


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