Saying No to Syrian Refugees is Compassionate

Saying No to Syrian Refugees is Compassionate

“Americans are hypocrites.”

“You’re un-American if you don’t let in Syrian refugees.”

That’s just two of the ridiculous comments that I’ve seen on social media. But, I think too many people are losing sight of the bigger picture.

It’s easy to want to help people in war-torn areas. I get it. As Americans, we tend to want to help others.

But… it’s far more compassionate to turn them away right now. Aside from knowing Washington is in charge of vetting these individuals, we need to ponder on why other Middle Eastern nations are not taking them in.

Obama said at the G20 press conference that America doesn’t have a religious test for who we’ll help. Yet, how many of the refugees that are being dispersed are Yazidi? How many of them are Coptic Christians? Aren’t they also in immense danger as long as the Islamic State is around?

Ask yourself how it’s compassionate to bring in someone completely foreign to the American way of life and make them assimilate. It’s not going to happen. They don’t understand it.

Also, don’t forget that there are already groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR operating here and radicalizing more and more Muslims each day.

Let me paint you a picture:


Among all of those you see in that picture, some of them have been poisoned. Are you willing to chance eating them?

Here’s another way to think about it: Why do you lock your doors at night? Is it because you want to keep people away, or is it because you love those that are already inside?

Yes, there are still a lot of questions that need answering before we just start accepting thousands of these refugees.

It is compassionate to say no. It’s okay to turn people away, knowing that it would be better for them to go to an area of the world that already understands them and their way of life.

One last question:

Why are they not willing to stand and fight for their own country?


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One Response to Saying No to Syrian Refugees is Compassionate

  1. you have absolutely no facts or actual knowledge backing your statements. The whole poisonous m&m comparison is sickening seeing that the majority of these people are innocent people trying to escape persecution and death. There are many Syrians who are willing to stay and fight for their country, look it up it’s called the Free Syrian Army, but a crapload of people have children and don’t want to put their children’s lives at risk! This whole thing is a bunch of bull, please actually look into the matter before you write such an article. There are innocent people suffering, no matter what race or religion they are! Please, I’m not trying to make you believe one way or the other, I just want you to think about the other side of the story and realize how offensive, xenophobic and Islamophobic that article was.

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