Prepping for the State of the Union [PODCAST]


In this episode, I discuss what Obama might bring up during his State of the Union.

James Mill (1825) –
“We have seen already, that if one man has power over others placed in his hands, he will make use of it for an evil purpose; for the purpose of rendering those other men the abject instruments of his will. If we, then, suppose, that one man has the power of choosing the Representatives of the people, it follows, that he will choose men, who will use their power as Representatives for the promotion of this his sinister interest.

“We have likewise seen, that when a few men have power given them over others, they will make use of it exactly for the same ends, and to the same extent, as the one man. It equally follows, that, if a small number of men have the choice of the Representatives, such Representatives will be chosen as will promote the interests of that small number, by reducing, if possible, the rest of the community to be the abject and helpless slaves of their will.”

It really is sad how fitting that quote really is. We are destined to repeat history is we don’t know it. So, what are the predictions for what Obama will talk about during the State of the Union?

  • The economy is roaring back. After all, gas prices are down so we need to take advantage of it and raise the gas taxes. Wait, what?
  • We need to pass the Keystone Pipeline. The only ones in Washington that don’t want this passed are the democrats. But, Obama is likely to try and praise the passing of the Keystone Pipeline as his because it could help his ratings.
  • Free internet for all! There’s been a little talk about how we need to make broadband access more available, and what better time to give something away and have the government subsidize it than when your numbers are in the grave?
  • Education reform is likely to receive the bulk of his address. The democrats, and some republicans have come up with the crazy idea of ‘cradle to career.’ They want to fundamentally transform the education system to include preschool and stretch it into 2 free years of community college. After all, according to Obamacare you’re still considered a child until the age of 26.
  • Obama is becoming a little butthurt over the idea that a majority of people are not in favor of amnesty, so it is likely that he will try and polish the turd a little more and put a clean bow on it again. After all, we can’t just deny these illegal crimmigrants can we?

Lost and Found?

Lost at some point was a rifle. It was left leaning up against a tree in a national park in Nevada some years ago. Little is known about who left it there, or even why. But this rifle is being dated back to around 1882. This model of rifle, Remington model 1873 was largely called ‘the gun that won the West.’

Who Said That?

Can you imagine a government that wants to legislate the amount of sick days you get? And then try and spin it saying it would be good for the economy? Neither can I.

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