Is Hillary Clinton in a Class of Untouchables?

Is Hillary Clinton in a Class of Untouchables?

There’s an idea with a lot of people that there’s a ‘Class of Untouchables.’ Understandably so considering they are slicker than water off a duck’s back. For a long time, Hillary Clinton has been graciously welcomed into this elite class, sometimes being the very definition of the elite class.

If you ask her, she’ll likely try and pass it off that she’s just like you and she understands. Remember when she said they were dead broke when they left the White House? Remember when she was grilled about Benghazi and her response was “What difference does it make?”

Now that she’s being investigated for having a home server where she kept her emails, her response recently was to joke about it referring to her love affair with Snapchat and how the messages delete themselves.

So, let me ask, is Hillary Clinton in a class of untouchables or in a class her own?

If you ask me, this is a problem with a lot of people in Washington, big business, and even professional sports. They get treated different because they have ‘status.’ In the end, they’re people just like you and I.

Look for a second at the current email issue. If this was anybody else, say the average person, where would they be right now? On the campaign trail laughing and making jokes about it, or in jail?

What if a top level General – General David Petraeus – got caught mishandling emails? Your career would be over!

What if you were the average person – Pvt. Bradly Manning – and you mishandled highly classified information? You’re toast!

What if you were an average citizen – Edward Snowden – and you had highly classified top secret information? You would probably head into hiding!

If you’re Hillary Clinton, you get to pass it off as nothing, or that people are just out to get you, or how it’s partisan games, or you could just brush it off with a joke.

This ‘Class of Untouchables’ thinks they are immune to things, but the average citizen knows everyone should be held accountable regardless of ‘status.’


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