In Search For Fame

In Search For Fame

Another horrific mass shooting, this time in Oregon, brings out the politicizing of the issue and how we need more gun control. Nevermind the fact that most of these mass shootings happen in so-called gun-free zones. That’s not the real issue.

Follow me on this for a second. People try and sell you on the idea that we need more gun control and these sort of acts will stop. If we only had a national gun registry so we knew who had guns.

We don’t hear people blame it on violent video games anymore. We don’t hear that it’s mommy or daddy’s fault because they were never there.

We always hear it’s because we don’t have enough gun control.

Seriously… the 2nd Amendment is here to stay!

Instead, let’s slow down for a minute and think about society. Because, after all, that’s where the real problem is. That’s right. Society is to blame!

And it’s all because people are in search for fame. Doesn’t matter if it’s 15 seconds of fame with a Vine video, 5 minutes on YouTube, or having 10k likes on an Instagram photo. Just the other day at a baseball game, a group of sorority sisters were all sitting there, phones in hand, taking selfies.

I get it. People want to be recognized.

But, and this goes to even before the shooting at Columbine, some people’s search for fame turns ugly. It’s not a result of having too few gun laws!

Can everyone slow down a brief second and stop trying to put a political spin on every little act? That does nothing but add fuel to an already out of control blaze.


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