Can Sanctuary Cities Sway The Election?

Can Sanctuary Cities Sway The Election?

We’ve got a real problem and it’s called illegal immigration. Thanks in part to sanctuary cities, we’re opening ourselves up to another big problem.

The outcome of an election is decided by the electoral college. At the end of the race, all the votes from the electoral college are tallied up and whoever has the most wins. Simple enough, right?

Not so fast! You’ve got to understand a few things and how they all play together.

Each state has a certain number of votes in the electoral college. The number of votes for those states is based off population numbers. Those numbers are pulled from government census records.

Now we can start talking about sanctuary cities. You see, when you open your city up to accepting illegal immigrants, and your state gets polled for the census, your population goes up.

This is why the democrats are sticking up for sanctuary cities, and they are doing so in already blue states. What about the red states you ask? Well, they’re coming. Sanctuary cities are popping up all over the place.

Welcome to Politics and the Manipulation of Election Outcomes 101!

This is how blue states stay blue and red states start turning purple. When enough illegal immigrants are brought into a red state, and promised everything for nothing by liberals, those once to be thought of as hardcore red states begin to show signs of a color shift.


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