Back to the Basics [PODCAST]


In this show, I discuss just a few of the basics that many people in and out of Washington may have forgotten.

Back to the Basics

One of the most respected college basketball coaches would start every season out by teaching the basics. The fundamentals of the game. I think that after we re-elected John Boehner as Speaker of the House again, after sending a clear message to Washington after the mid-term elections that we were tired of the same old games, we need to look back to the basics.

So where do we start? How about who’s in charge!

There are really only 4 branches of the government, 5 depending on who you ask.

  1. Judicial – the Supreme Court
  2. Executive – the President, VP and their cabinet members
  3. Legislative – Congress = Senate and House of Representatives
  4. Most people will say that the Media is a branch – so I’ll even go with it due to the amount of work they try to do to sway things in Washington
  5. The most forgotten yet most powerful branch – We the People

Did they forget who they work for and who they represent?

“In the American Constitution the general authority will be derived entirely from the subordinate authorities. The Senate will represent the States in their political capacity, the other House will represent the people of the States in their individual capacity. The former will be accountable to their constituents at moderate, the latter at short periods.” – James Madison letter to Thomas Jefferson in 1787

MRC Research conducted a poll of likely republican voters and 75% of them did NOT want Boehner as the Speaker. Yet, at least that many or more in the House voted him back? Now are you starting to see why we may need to take a look back at the basics?

Speaking of basics, did you hear about the time capsule that was found by accident? This was buried by Sam Adams and Paul Revere and William Scollay back in 1795. These were among the original Sons of Liberty during the American Revolution. Pretty cool that they took the time to hide up little gems like this in order to preserve some of their time!

Who Said That? Well . . . One guy doesn’t want to say the terror attack carried out my Muslim terrorists at Charlie Hebdo was carried out by Muslim terrorists? And another person, who has hopes of becoming President in 2016, says that we should empathize with our enemy? Uh, yeah. Some are literally too stupid to insult!

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