A Compassionate America Does Not Equal Amnesty

A Compassionate America Does Not Equal Amnesty

America is still that shining city on a hill it has always been. Is she without faults? No. Is there room for improvement? Yes. Is America still the greatest nation this planet has ever seen? You bet. So what’s the problem? Have you ever heard the phrase, “A victim of our own success?”

Welcome to that very problem. America is a victim of her own success! Why else would so many people want to come here? Why else do so many people want to be an American? Even when you take out the freeloaders, the majority still just want to be an American.

Look at the current crisis on the Southern border. What better example do you need? Other governments are stuffing trains and stacking people on top and sending them through the Mexican desert with a single hope of making it to America. They want a better life. They want better options for their kids to grow up educated and make something of themselves. Who doesn’t want those things? Better yet, who doesn’t want to help someone get better?

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