Are Millennial Voters Turning Right?

Are Millennial Voters Turning Right?

It’s easy for many Conservatives to say they are tired of the failures of Liberals, but what about the Millennials? Are they ready to make a right turn?

As strange as that sounds, the tides are beginning to shift. Many of the Liberal youth that helped put Obama in office, have spent the last 6 years or so maturing. Their maturity is mainly focused toward their political views.

According to a December survey of millennials published by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, young Americans are turning on the president, his health-care law, the NSA’s domestic surveillance, and the political system in general. Only 41 percent of millennials approve of the job President Obama is doing, while 54 percent disapprove. A meager 38 percent approve of Obamacare, and 57 percent disapprove. (via Fox News)

These numbers are not good, and are actually quite scary in the eyes of Liberals. Judging by these numbers, they are starting to lose their base.

Their base at one point was either just starting college, or finishing it up really soon. Now, almost each and every one of them is now out feeling the effects of their decisions that helped put Obama in office.

At that moment, they weren’t really worried about how slow the economy was. They were more about living in the moment because their awesome little degree would land them that six-figure job.

Little did they know that their life was getting ready to be flipped upside-down.

Bills piled up, and health care costs under famed Obamacare were sky-rocketing upward. All of those little perks they thought were free, are starting to come back around. The chickens are definitely coming home to roost!

The tricks the Democratic party used then, are not going to work this time around. Social savvy millennials are wising up and learning how to see through all of the empty promises.

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