Waging a War on Traditional Marriage

traditional marriage

Recently there was a story that was aired on ABC where they talked about Polyamory and if it was trumping traditional marriage. However, is there something more at play here? Really. Is this about promoting polyamorous relationships, or is it promoting the degeneration of society?

That seems to be a big question. But if you really look into it, that’s what you’ll find. For years now, there has been an all out war on traditional society. Just a few years ago the term LBGT was hardly heard of. In most circles it was on the list of words that were not to be touched. And, if you were to go back just a few more years, words like: lesbian, homosexual or bi-sexual were on that list. Transgender wasn’t even a word yet.

However, today these are everyday words. Society has grown to accept them and the people the describe. But why is that? Many would probably say that we have become more tolerant. That could be, but have we strayed from what being tolerant is?

Tolerance does not necessarily mean that we are supposed to turn the cheek and let it happen. In large part, whether they want to admit it or not, view the lifestyle as wrong. They take that stance because of their faith. But those that want to challenge their argument say that Jesus would have loved them no matter what. That is only half correct. Jesus would have loved them, but condemned the sin.

So, why is society allowing traditional marriage to become endangered? Why isn’t there an outcry against the things that threaten traditional marriage? Have we become too scared to offend someone? Or, could it be political?

You see, for so many years the left has taken the mantra: “If it feels good, do it.” This cancerous ideology has led to the erosion of morality. What once was what many saw as a crime to look at another woman in a sexual way, is now okay. What once was thought of as a sin to be with someone of the same sex as you, is now okay. How?

Politically this works into the favor of the democrats who champion the effort. They want nothing more than to help create a society where you can be with whoever, whenever you want. And, do it without consequence. That’s why they champion abortion. That’s why they champion transgender identities. That’s why they champion ludicrous acts like homosexuality. It’s their mantra! They own it. If it feels good, just do it.

So, now let’s take it back to the beginning. Is polyamory trumping traditional marriage? Only if we allow it.

2 Responses to Waging a War on Traditional Marriage

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with gay marriage. If 2 people love each other it shouldn’t matter what some ancient misinterpreted book claims. People that base their lives blindly after the bible are fools with no meaningful opinions. You should do your research before you write such insane commentaries on society. For instance the word transgender has been around for over 50 years and lesbian far longer than that. Perhaps in your small ultra-conservative misguided circle these words never came up but they’ve be around a long time.

  2. They also thought the earth was flat!! Times change, evolve, people are thinking for themselves instead of believing the same old lies an fairy tales they have been taught and trained to believe thier entire lives. Quote all the stupid pointless bible quotes you want, doesen’t hold up once your educated on the TRUTH!!! Sad, you “christians” still show so much hate for your fellow men an women!! Can’t help who we love, get over it, it r
    eally does not affect your life!!

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