The Main Problem With A&E vs The Duck Commander

phil robertson doens't camouflage his faith

Show Notes:

Why did A&E sign Duck Dynasty?

  • Family?
  • Wholesome?
  • Funny?
  • It’s what people wanted to see?

Did they not know what they were getting themselves into?

  • You blindly allow them to pray at the end of each episode
  • But now you turn your back on him for saying what he said

The Robertson Family doesn’t need A&E like A&E needs them.

  • They were successful before this show and will be long afterward.

Why is it wrong for Phil to express his opinions and beliefs, but okay for you?

  • Do you not understand what being a bigot is?
  • What about being a hypocrite?
  • He has just as much a right to say what he believes as you do to parade up and down the streets.
  • Get over it, and get over yourself!

Before you pick up the first stone, be sure to know that you are without problems before throwing it.

  • This illustrates a bigger problem here in America
  • You are awarded for being just plain nasty and twerking on live TV, but put to the gallows for standing firm on your beliefs.
  • You are heroed for being a corrupt politician who says the lie of the century “If you like your health insurance you can keep it,” but be sent to stake for preaching the word of God.
  • Isn’t it time to put down the stones, and pick up the Good book?


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