The Constitution Reader Challenge: Day 6

With special thanks to Constituting America and Heritage College, we will be taking part in their project:The U.S. Constitution: A Reader. It is a 90 day challenge to learn and dive deeper into understanding the Constitution.

Well, day 6 is upon us and today we look at a work by one of histories great masters of oratory and rhetoric. Commonly referred to as just Cicero, his full name is Marcus Tullius Cicero and many regard him as having an important influence of the framers of the Constitution. Although today’s reading is a snippet of ‘On the Commonwealth,’ it is on of the first looks on Natural law.

Cicero starts by saying:

“True law is right reason, consonant with nature”

Never before had anyone pointed to the thought that law was consistent with the laws of nature. Cicero was a beacon of light for the Founding Fathers. When they sought insight on ‘certain unalienable Rights’ that are ‘endowed by our Creator,’ they had to look no further than Cicero. The 15 lines for today’s reading carries that same tone.

“. . . at all times will be bound by this one eternal and unchangeable law, and the god will be the one common master and general (so to speak) of all people. He is the author, expounder, and mover of this law . . .”

To recognize that a Higher being is in direction for people to choose right from wrong, and that their conscience is their guide, could very well be the re-direction that is so much needed in today’s moral decay. Also, that law is inherently guided by one’s Faith, Morals and Virtues was a definitive answer to the writers of the Constitution.

Click HERE to read the snippet of On the Commonwealth by Marcus Tullius Cicero

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