Assad on the shape of Syria

Bashar Assad, President of Syria sat down in an exclusive interview with Dennis Kusinich and Greg Palkot that aired on Fox News.

Syrian President Bashar Assad during an interview
Syrian President Bashar Assad gesturing during an interview with Fox News in Damascus | SANA via AFP – Getty Images

The interview was interesting to say the least. And, there was a lot that was covered.

Everything from the allegations of him using chemical weapons on his own people, to the future of Syria.

Other news outlets are painting him as defiant in saying he didn’t use them. But, you be the judge. Watch the interview for yourself!

Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Admits Syria has chemical weapons and that they want to ‘fully’ cooperate with the weapons agreement
  • Says that he didn’t use chemical weapons on his own people
  • The act of using chemical weapons is ‘deplorable’
  • While many view this as a civil war, Assad points to outside interests
  • People want to come to Syria to wage their Jihad
  • Assad says that casualties happen when fighting terrorists who have infiltrated villages
  • Advises Obama to ‘Listen to the common sense of your people’
  • Reform in Syria is a social process and that the president and government can only lead it
  • While trying to reform the country they are in a fight with terrorists
  • Too many other countries are trying to influence Syria; only the voice of the people matters
  • Syria cannot be a safe-haven for terrorists

If you wish to watch the interview, please do! Share your thoughts also.

Watch here:

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