What Does the Future Hold for Our Two-Party System?

by Robert C. Wilson, Center for a Just Society

The Tea Party is a grass roots movement with passion and commitment to founding principles. It is not likely to disappear any time soon. It has significant power at the ballot box as its members rally around common concerns and gain public exposure. But its current influence is limited to dissemination of information to the public that affects how citizens vote. While this is not an insignificant contribution to the political process, the Tea Party could effect even greater things in Washington. If, after the 2012 Presidential election, the Tea Party were to emerge as a new political party with strong, principled central leadership, the American people might no longer be forced to choose the least objectionable candidates for office. This new party and the GOP would likely merge with new goals and principles. And the culture of government might, for a time, become by, for and of the people once more.     Continue reading . . .

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